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Do the North

Journey to the beautiful islands of Saint Anna for self- guided kayaking and culinary holidays.
"An unforgettable experience in breath-taking location"

About Us

Many summers ago a crew of our Aussie and Kiwi mates in London packed their stuff to go see us in Sweden. We were going kayaking and none of them knew anything about Sweden and the nature here. We spent a week paddling, with every camp spot greater than the one before, every day full of little adventures and games that you only come up with in such a peaceful and wild setting, and of course lots of nice food, lots of beer and lots of storytelling, swimming and relaxing. It turned out to be the best holiday any of the ten of us ever had.

A couple of years went by, life settled down a bit and it dawned on us. That's what we'll do! We'll organise kayaking trips, much like our own, to all the non-Swedes out there who haven't experienced the amazing untouched and beautiful nature of Sweden. If you're anything like us, you wouldn't dream of purchasing a space on a guided tour. We wanna do it on our own! But if you don't have your Swedish mates organising transport, maps, camping equipment, food and so on, it's pretty tricky – and there you have it! We offer self-guided adventures where we sort out everything practical, but the holiday is yours… all yours!