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Atlas Electronic

Morocco · 30 August - 2 September 2018

Built on good vibes and curiosity, Atlas Electronic delivers crossover sounds and cultural experiences against the stunning backdrop of the Atlas Mountains.


This intimate, four-day festival will bring you to the foot of the Atlas Mountains to live in earthy Ecolodge Villa Janna. Camp in the desert; waking up for soothing yoga and hammam sessions. Then catch sets from Jamie XX, John Talabot, Call Super and music activists V.I.V Collective from a captivating amphitheatre setting.

Local and international art installations and workshops will immerse you in a holistic festival atmosphere. Share in private concerts from the likes of Sahara troupe Amazigh Blues before dancing poolside, against the snow-tipped Atlas mountains backdrop.





Villa Janna

  • 212 Thug
  • Aesthes (Live)
  • Ana Helder
  • Anadolu Ekspres
  • anu
  • Asaf Samuel
  • Awesome Tapes from Africa
  • bartleby
  • Ben UFO
  • Bergsonist
  • Bossoyo
  • C.love aka Zouyina (Live)
  • Call Super
  • Casa Voyager
  • Cheb Gero
  • Debora Ipekel
  • Deena Abdelwahed
  • DexLaMaffo
  • DJ Kampire
  • Driss Bennis
  • Ece Ozel
  • Elias Mazian
  • Epsilove (Live)
  • Esa
  • FADEL (Live)
  • Generation Taragalte (Live)
  • Groupe Amazigh Blues
  • Groupe Bana (Live)
  • High Emotions
  • Iggy P
  • J-Zbel (Live)
  • Jalil Yassir
  • Jamal Moulay
  • Jamie XX
  • Jessin
  • Job Jobse
  • John Talabot
  • Judaah
  • Kareem Lotfy (Live)
  • Katzele
  • Khalil Ryahi
  • Ko Shin Moon (Live)
  • L'Afrique Discotheque
  • Lena Willikens
  • M.A.O.U
  • mad miran
  • Max Abysmal
  • MF Andrade
  • Mim Suleiman (Live)
  • Moody Mehran
  • Ninos Du Brasil (Live)
  • Nyege Nyege Tapes
  • OKO DJ
  • Orpheu The Wizard
  • Pangaea
  • Pearson Sound
  • Peter Groovin
  • Philou Louzolo
  • Radical Hi-Fi
  • RAMZi
  • Rayane Kara
  • Rebel Up
  • Schwabe
  • Sophia Moulay
  • Sumo Hamed
  • Tapan (Live)
  • Tash LC
  • The Pilotwings
  • V.I.V
  • Yasmean
  • Zakaria
  • Zozo
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In the foothills of the Atlas mountain range, just outside the lively city of Marrakech, you'll find Villa Janna Ecolodge. This six square acre eco-friendly resort has been fully built from red clay in the architectural style typical for the area. Amidst the waving palm trees, you can wander through this site’s breathtaking amphitheatre, swimming pool, olive field and various other structures. Nothing beats the dreamy backdrop of snow white Atlas mountain peaks during a four-day celebration of culture, honouring music, arts, and good vibes.

Atlas Electronic

Opening Concert

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